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CPU Spy Reloaded Free Monitor Pro 2.41 Patched APK

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I was pleasantly surprised while using the app because I was seriously not expecting this level of detail. The app comes with an incredible interface that allows you access to almost every function your smartphone has. Not only you can check out the CPU usage but also, at what frequency each separate core is working on. The app even gives you details about load average which is a great way to pinpoint when and how your CPU was being used. This app is eerily similar to the first one I listed and has almost the same feature set.

I guess there is not much you can do when it comes to giving information about a device. This app has a great interface that gives you access to almost all the functions right on top of the screen. Tap on a section and the app will show you a lot of information about your smartphone or tablet. When it comes to CPU you will be able to learn the usage patterns as well as the clock speeds. Some smartphones tend to close off different cores of the processor or when they are not needed; this app can also detect that. There is a handy CPU load option which gives you the load in percentage. I also like the general information the app can provide about your device.

It even lists the motherboard it uses and even the exact DPI of the screen. It is a very well made and detailed app. I used this exact software on my PC as well to know when something is getting heated up. I was very surprised to see this app available on Android as well and thankfully, it works just as intended. I really love the design of the app which gives you everything right on the main page. In fact, the app only uses one page to display everything which is very rare in this day and age. If you want to know the voltages, the clock speeds and even the temperature of individual components of your device; this is the app for you.

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The interface is designed to accommodate easy viewing of CPU usage. The app tells you the CPU temperature, frequency and usage right on the front screen.

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Android cpu spy apk

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