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Point Samsung. Just like with design, for years Apple's phones offered the sharpest, brightest, most eye-wateringly beautiful displays in all the smartphone kingdom. Those days are long gone, though. Now, the iPhone's screens are overshadowed by their Android rivals, and that's the case here. No, the screen on Apple's big blower is by no means a disappointment. Despite being stretched over its 5. But the 5. This isn't just easier on the eye than the iPhone, it's the best smartphone screen we've ever seen. It's futuristic as well as functional too, with the stunning screen having been softly curved over both the left and right-hand edges on the phone's body.

Importantly, its pressure-sensitive substrate means it plays nice with the S Pen stylus too. Related: iPhone 7 vs iPhone 6S. When it comes to power, Samsung and Apple take very different approaches.

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While you probably won't notice the power differences, each phone will handle everything you can throw at it, there are features elsewhere that you certainly will. Addition of the brilliant S Pen stylus aside, key among these is the return to expandable storage. When you buy an iPhone, you've got to make a day one decision of how much storage you need and can afford. It might not sound like a big deal, but when you're only half way through your month contract and your phone is full, it really matters.

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Sammy's latest pocket blow has also upped its biometric security measures. As a result, you, and only you, can unlock the phone simply by looking at it. It's far from an essential feature, but it's a welcome addition. Related: Best smartphones The iPhone 6S Plus plays host to one of the best cameras on any smartphone.

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Unfortunately for Apple, the best smartphone camera is found on the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Both feature megapixel cameras enhanced by optical image stabilisation, and bundle an additional 5-megapixel selfie snapper on the front. As a result, both will capture shots you're not just happy to share, but eager to actually print off yes that's still a thing and proudly display around your home.

Where the Note's megapixel snapper comes into its own and separates itself from the iPhone, however, is when the lights drop and evening draws in. Sure, the iPhone will get you decent snaps after dark, but there'll be notable noise and graining. How to spy on husbands new apple iphone 6. Nexus 5 Envelope Tracking Here are some of the best free navigation apps weve tested, many of which have equally capable Android versions.

How to Detect Spyware on an iPhone. Galaxy Phone Tracker iPhone App Just click and find out all you need to know to read someones Facebook messages right away! Many of these cell phone spy apps run in the background without the users knowledge.

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How to hack a Facebook account and FB messages? With this spy app you can also track. Facebook introduces Messenger Kids for 6to12year olds who are too young for its main app. Have someone text or send an. Anyone can learn how to send a text message on a cell phone with practice Buy the iPhone 6s Plus on selected Pay Monthly Deals and enjoy 3 months free when you join today. The apps is adfree and includes parental controls, but critics say they Here you will learn more about the.

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Copy9 once installed in the hacked phone lets you do the Its not easy to spy on IPhone or other Apple device, but modern tracking apps are capable of it. Text Messages logs; iPhone Monitoring Software.

The Ultimate Glass PRIVACY Screen Protector - Moshi iVisor Glass Privacy - iPhone 6 - Review

Regular rates apply, please check with the recipients before sending a text message to them. Iphone 6s text message spyware the last Apple pay lets you use your iphone to pay securely and easily at over a million store iphone spy text message app; XNSPY Text Spying Software: Read text messages someones phone online. It has a very user friendly interface and easy operating process to move contacts from Samsung to iPhone in 1 click. Despite of being a paid tool, dr. This tool will help you to transfer all of your important data and contacts from a Samsung device to iPhone device.

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This tool is fast, unique and reliable. It will make sure a zero loss during the transfer procedure. Download the proper edition of dr. Now you can launch the programme by clicking on the shortcut icon from your desktop homepage. You will see the interface of dr. In this step, connect your Samsung and iPhone devices to your PC by using good quality USB cables and wait till both of your phones are detected by dr. Then you need to check if the Samsung and iPhone devices are properly placed in the right category as source and destination.

Now a list of contents will appear in the middle of the interface.

Now the process will end in some time and then you can disconnect your devices from your pc. You will see that all the contacts have been moved to your iPhone from the Samsung device. There is nothing complicated in this method. You can easily transfer your contacts to your iPhone by using Move to iOS app from your Samsung device. Just follow this easy process accordingly-. You also need to make sure that both your Samsung phone and new iPhone has enough charge to carry out this procedure.

This process will require you to have iOS 9 or later and iPhone 5 or later version. You will see the terms and conditions page appear. You will see a ten or six digit code appear on the screen. While the iPhone 7 can now be dropped down the toilet with little worry, the S7 is capable of withstand 30 minutes submerged in up to 1.

Related: iPhone 7 vs iPhone 6S. It's not just the shells of these two phones that are easy on the eye, their screens are up there on the visual delight fronts, too. This is an area Apple still needs to improve though. Sure, the iPhone 7's panel is solid, but its x pixel resolution is starting to show its age. No, resolution isn't everything, but the S7's stunning x pixel panel leaves the iPhone, and everything else for that matter, firmly in its wake.

Fortunately, the iPhone 7 has made improvements elsewhere. It's not just movie-improving, game-bettering visuals that Samsung has in its favour either. Although the two phones feature a similar footprint, Sammy's phone squeezes in a much larger display. And boy is it a beaut?

The phone's 5. Another point to Samsung then. Related: Samsung Galaxy S8 release date.

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  • Where Samsung goes for raw power, Apple goes for fine-tuning finesse. Both approaches work and you're unlikely to be left wanting in the power stakes with either of these number 7 suffixed smartphones.

    mobile spy iphone X or samsung galaxy s7

    Whichever phone you plump for, you're going to get a device that can handle everything you throw at it, be that heavy work loads, some casual gaming, a bit of VR action, or a healthy multitasking mix of the lot. It's not just oodles of power that these phones have in common either. Impressively speedy and secure fingerprint scanners are a familiar sight on both, as are decent inbuilt speakers where Apple has finally gone stereo.

    Where Samsung has the edge, however, is storage. Although the iPhone 7 has moved to a new 32GB entry level standard like the S7, unlike its illustrious rival it doesn't feature any storage expansion, that's just not Apple's way. Why is this a big deal? Well, when you're only halfway through your month contract and you've filled your phone with apps and images, Samsung will simply let you buy a cheap microSD card to sort the issue while Apple will make you delete things, buy a new phone or cough up more monthly cash on cloud storage - boo.

    Related: iPhone tips and tricks. This is where the battle of the iPhone 7 vs Samsung Galaxy S7 is really going to get tasty. The Samsung Galaxy S7 currently boasts the best smartphone camera available. Bar none. The iPhone 6S was no slouch, however, and the iPhone 7 has kicked things up another gear. So, what makes the S7's camera so good?