When the wife cheats

The last available figures from YouGov revealed one in five UK adults admitted to having an affair, with men more likely to cheat than women. In my mind, I figured it was just the stress of work, raising four kids, or our new home that was giving me these flickers of concern. Cheating website Ashley Madison revealed they have at least 2, members, who join the site actively looking for affairs.

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More than half of its clientele claim intimacy had gone in their current relationship, and 60 per cent saying communication had broken down. He tried to make the marriage work — although ended the physical part of their relationship — but eventually he granted her the divorce she wanted. Do whatever it takes to save your marriage before walking away.

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Remember that she is their mother. They do not need to know the details or even who is at fault. Do not put them in the position of choosing sides. Tell them you and their mom are having a hard time.


Affirm your love for them and continue to spend as much time with them as you can. When all is said and done, you want to be able to look at them and tell them that you did everything you could to save the marriage and keep the family together. You need to let them loose. Your feelings are legitimate. They will only surface later in the form of poison-filled bitterness.

Signs Your Spouse Could Be Cheating

Feel deep, identify those feelings, and articulate them. If you have not already done it, confront your wife when you are under control. Be ready for her to place blame your way. Ask questions and gather as much information as possible. Calmly tell her exactly how you feel.

Women are unfaithful nearly as often as men.

This will take multiple sessions. You need to get away where you have quiet time to think and reflect. Remove distractions.

I would highly recommend enlisting help and direction from God. Separating for a while may be healthy. However, your marriage most likely got to an unhealthy place and that takes two people. Think through and identify the ways that you contributed.

Surviving Infidelity Is Hard to Do

Own the part you played and what you can do different going forward. After reading a study that said most women are vulnerable to infidelity in their 40s, the idea became lodged in her mind. So, in looking to answer my own questions about this, I realized there was really not much research out there about infidelity. What Walker noticed from her work, is that women are cheating at at least the same rates as men. The cheating wife is not an anomaly. So why do women cheat?

How Do Most Men Respond to Infidelity in Marriage?

The answer is as complicated as you might imagine. Some women cheat to avoid boredom; other women cheat because they feel neglected.

Woman cheated, humiliated by groom in their own wedding

I literally saw an opportunity and took advantage of it. The notion of the cheating wife is something that tends to be swept under the rug, per Walker, mostly because it goes against everything that we as a culture have been conditioned to think about women. Walker says that begins with having honest conversations about sex, preferably before marriage.

Part of those frank discussions is being open to what your spouse is interested in. A lot of the women Walker interviewed said that when they talked openly about their fantasies or desires to their husbands, they were met with disgust and made to feel ashamed. In conducting her research, Walker was surprised to learn that a lot of the women that she interviewed were interested in the prospect of an open marriage.